Friday, January 31, 2014

Horrible Dog Rescuer Gone Mad; in Anza

Hmmm well well well what is this? Ms Luna always a bridesmaid never a bride. Although she is entitled to her opinion, libelous will get her in trouble.
  • Heather Reinhard People who make accusations ought to do some research before thwy start posting those accusations publicly.
  • Heather Reinhard As clearly stated in the blog:
    "Animal Control inspected Ms Nash’s property, and deemed there to be too many dogs remaining on the property. Mr Murray managed to save the animals remaining on the property from being taken into the local kill shelter, and instead, whisked them away to safety, and for a thorough inspection by the vets; this included a further 8 dogs, 3 cats, 2 horses, and some chickens."
  • Heather Reinhard What literate person could read that and say stuff was done without notifying the authorities?
  • Natalie Simmon Big mouth troll who doesn't really care that dogs were saved ...and just wants to be a pain in the ass instead. Honestly what does this get you besides hated?
  • Gotta Love Sunshine She is banned from commenting on page and EJ blocked her toll butt last year along with her degenerate wannabe rescue sister. They can't tell their heads from their asses with their two pea brains put together.
  • Natalie Simmon Is it too much to ask to be helpful and not a bickering do nothing? Is it too much to ask to not be a presumptive asshat? Is it too much to educate yourself and not hate?
  • Natalie Simmon I already know the answer with this one first hand. It's real sad I have 70 mutual friends.

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