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Since the middle of December, several rescuers and animal lovers have been working hard to try to save the 150+ dogs and cats from this WOMAN and Her daughter/ Family's ranch in LUCERNE VALLEY!

We collectively saved some at the ranch itself and we also saved some in DEVORE Animals Sheter in San Bernardino. Sadly many have been put to death there. 

On 2/13/2014 the SB Police and Animal Control went to the ranch and arrested her and her daughter and  they took / confiscated their 62 animals to the Devore Animals Shelter for evidents.

On February 24  two dogs from LUCERNE VALLEY Hoarder situation were rescued out of DEVORE at their last minute on EU list, FB friends and animal lovers put all their resources in together to save them. This is a Wonderful news, however, 50+ lives are on the line today and tomorrow at DEVORE Animals Shelter. This is the magnitude of this HOARDING SITUATION!!

 There were over 127+ dogs and cats from this ranch and 50+ were saved... **FROM LUCERNE VALLEY HOARDING SITUATION** These are the last of the animals from there and ONLY HAS 3 days !!
  • On February 24, Sherree DID show up at Devore to reclaim two dogs, and is reclaiming more today on February 25.   

  • February 26, 50+ dogs are not claimed by the owner and not RESCUED so they were give 3 days since they were taken in to DEVORE ANIMALS SHELTER. 
  • They were held as evidents and now released to be rescued and or adopted. They are friendly although frightened and confused .
  • They have  **FROM LUCERNE VALLEY HOARDING SITUATION** on their description.

Latest Update
The last of the dogs were saved from Devore although several of them were PTD before they were put on Devore available list.

These were some messages from the Facebook Group: **  LUCERNE VALLEY HOARDING SITUATION**  

ARRAIGNMENT: 04/10/2014 AT 8:30 AM DEPT. V9
Victorville (San Bernardino County)
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Today's local article in Lucerne Valley newspaper...check it out..she says she cannot afford to pay the fines and that's all she is worried about?? There are charges mentioned I wasn't aware of..the 2008 possession of chemicals one..
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Wow you go offline for a while to mourn the loss of a family member and come back to some serious bullshit and lies. It's not worth the effort to go on a novel length rant but I do have just a few things to comment on...
Woc Ykars you and several other local groups offered to help for years you said right? Then why in the hell did you and several other groups give/dump/relinquish/ whatever dogs and animals to helping paws?!?! I don't recall a lot about the dog we picked up from your place as I just went along for the ride and say in the car while your wife and another lady talked to and filled out a release for the lutters but I just think it's funny how now all of sudden everyone's like we tried to help for years n years when it's the other way around. I think it was a pointer mix female right? Sounds of silent spirits wasn't a whole lot better the first time I met Cindy she was dropping off a litter of 13 feral pups she took from harmony haven. Didn't even call first or anything just showed up honked the horn and said I need you to take these since I have no place for them. Not to long after that the head of SOSs (didn't catch her name) and Cindy were back with the "plant" dogs. A pregnant golden chow, her 6 month old pup, a Rottweiler and two coyote mixes they had trapped up in the local plant. And brought down to helping paws. That was a while back but since then they have taken atleast 2 pit bulls, 7 lab mixes,& two cattle dog mixes there all unfixed adults most either pregnant or with puppies! They didn't know the situation the animals were in? Why didn't they just open their eyes? I've seen them all over the location atleast once every few months within the 6 months prior to this all unraveling. Only a year or so ago they were all over the location trying to save the two goats that the two cattle dogs they dumped off nearly killed. And still they left dogs in their care never even trying to help out and home any or foster or find fosters. By the way all of the dogs they dumped off were involved in this situation. Electra, turner and forgot what they named the other coyote and rottie, maddy was the one attacked just before the confiscation she was one of the two pits, the 6 lab sharpei mixes and their mom and dad were also all from them. Pat bonham was also a huge dog supplier to them I recall atleast 3 different times she would go pull a dozen or so dogs from the pound and give them to the lutters, hell even North Star and labs n friends gave her some, the two vets they used would give them kittens, puppies and dogs all the time. So where were these offers of help ?
DezertRatt Annie that's awesome you helped out harmony haven with all bobbies dogs, if you helped so much though why didn't you recognize any of hers in Devore when this was happening? You and I both know that bobby had about 3 different looks of dogs and that's all. I'm sorry she so drastically lied to you but it was actually me And my family who were trying to buy her unused land to put up kennels and help socialize the animals of hers. It's absolutely absurd that you guys say helping paws never helped there I personally was there on atleast five different trips to rescue litters of puppies and other assorted dogs , it was sherree, my husband and I who ran to her rescue when she fell in a hole outside, it was also us who went and buried the dog that died a week prior. I personally would go over to her rat infested hell hole to pick animals to up to take them to the vet to get fixed and chipped in her name. And it was my family friend who wrote up the contract between Bobbi and the lutters to take and return unworkable animals. Look folks I'm not trying to burst anyone's bubbles or cause any drama I'm just trying to educate y'all for the animals well being. If you guys all write letters to the DA with all this false info and Sherree and Lacy show up to court with paperwork and evidence to prove otherwise it will greatly affect their case. Not sure if the neighborhood ramblings are true or not but if they are this will be a really hard case for the courts to win. I've heard things such as there wasn't really a search warrant to begin with, things like the officers illegally entered the premises once the lutters were hauled off to jail then left the whole property unlocked causing the place to be burglarized. I've heard that Lacy hadn't lived on the property and had been evicted months prior, I also heard that they relinquished several of the animals the day the place was searched but the pound refused to take them that day because they were "getting off soon". Who knows how much or if it all or if none is true but I do know that anyone who wants a conviction needs to be 100% certain on anything and everything they state and watch their words or it could cost the whole case. Also in a unrelated subject I heard through the grapevine some rescue folks were threatening to steal back all the dogs she got back a day or two after hearing that a friend less than a block away from sherrees' boxer escaped his yard we followed the paw prints to right infront of sherrees driveway where you could see tire marks pulling over and taking the dog. If anyone on this group was out there and took him please know he isn't a helping paws dog he's a really loved personal family member of someone who's heartbroken without him! Thanks for reading have a good day. 
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