Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Maier Ranch Country Dogs.


Maier Family dogs have been living with us for closed to 13 years. 
We started with Thaili. She was our son Taber's Australian Sheep Dog.
Thaili had been with Taber since his college years.

We receive Paco for 
 my Birthday.
He was a Tan Chichuchu and only weight about 4.5 lbs when we got him.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fostering the Dogs

Fostering the dogs:
Foster home for the shelter / rescued dog  is very much in need however, it is not
being recognized as much as the rescue. Foster mom has to take care of the dog fresh
out of the shelter, foster mom has to feed, potty train and teaches socialization to the
rescued dog that come out of the shelter. Foster mom sometimes has to take the
dog to the adoption events and spend the whole day with the dog hoping that
the dog gets adopted.

  • Pamela Gorman This Auction is funds to raise for a family of 7 ,,, momma and puppies,,, they were diagonosed w/ Distemper ,, came To Resuce for Pet Sake very ill The momma Sallie is doing excellent ,,, none of her sweet puppies made it.... we have to recover the cost of the days in the hospital to keep saving lives ,, please gfo to the link and join ,, nice items and it will help you at Christmas and us continue to save lives Thank you this family came from San Bernadino City Shelter ... transpoted by Jill Lachman , Fostered by Wendy Horn Thank you in advance
  • Pamela Gorman

    • Love of rescue knows no breed restrictions. We help all breeds. We created thi...
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