Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I do not know their ID # but they need help with pledges/ FOSTER/RESCIE or
FOR OVER A YEAR. NOW SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY A/C is taking them into their
HIGH KILL SHELTER With no chance to survive!:

This list was posted a week or more ago..the pictures were uploaded and are in the photo section..if anyone with spare time wants to match pictures with descriptions that would be great! I dont have time to do this..

On the previous list now have placed:

#2 Jackson the little mini pin
#3 Buddy the Male Tan Terrier
#11 Harlow the Black and Tan Terrier
#14 Patches the cream and tan Spaniel Terrier
#17 GOLDEN lab/shep/Sharpei mixes. rescued from Devore
#18 The Black Lab Mom and her Black Puppy

A description of these dogs here..all have been removed from property and ALL need rescue ASAP..

1. Chihuahua, larger size mix, Black and Tan Female Chihuahua- Not Spayed. Her name is Ruby. Very Lovable

2. Min Pin Mix- only about two lbs intact-one testicle has not dropped.
He was super skinny and must wear a sweater to keep warm. His name is Jackson. Super Sweet..has rescue now

3. Terrier Mix, med size, shaggy tan named Buddy...he is neutered. Two pics of him attached. Friendly.

4. Cattle dog-Aussie Female name Candy, is Spayed

5. Cattle dog -Aussie Female name Confetti is spayed (they are siblings and are about 1 1/2 years old. Very Sweet.

6. Three Akita Mix pups about 10 months old and very very thin.
Male pictured is Black and White and their are two Solid Black Female Siblings from this litter. Dogs are Semi-Feral and will need a gentle hand.
You can walk into their pen and when you try to get them they run from you. The Black and white is the least afraid and after leashing him I hugged him and he licked my face. The females are more afraid. There are two pics of the Black/White but no pics of the black females.

7. Golden Lab Shepherd mix, young male named Alfalfa. He is neutered and current on Vacs. Very Friendly boy. Desert Dog project paid his vet bill because he had his nose cut off by a farm machine cutting Alfalfa. His nose was reattached and he is no worst off for the accident. It is fully healed.
There are 4 pics of Alfalfa attached.

8. Chihuahua, Chocolate Brown ....Female. Name Pinky for the little pink nose. Little cuddler. Two Pics Attached

9.Chihuahua MiniPin X Black and tan Female name Olive....a lovebug.
Two Pics attached.

10. Chihuahua and ??? Mix. Very cute Cream and White Female with a gentle dispostion. Very Thin and was dehydrated. Had to stay at vet for fluids as did Pinky and Olive...Two pics attached.

11. Terrier Mix- Harlow is a black and White Scruffy...I dont know the sex right now. Sweet and happy. Is super skinny and chowing down all the food offered. Two pics Attached.

12. Chihuahua Mix...little dog with a white body and a baby seal shaped head. Uncertain of sex right now but this little dogs loves to be held and hugged.. Its name is Seal.
Two Pics Attached.

13. Chiweeny with a stretched body is Tan and White. Thats all we know except it is super sweet and friendly and are calling it Moon. Two Pics.

14. Spaniel-Terrier mix is very gentle and lovable. We named it Patches.
Two Pics Attached of this creamy white and tan pup.

15. Two pics of group shots of Patches, Moon, Seal and Harlow along with a little Brown Female Chi who has been rescued.

16. Dutch Shepherd Female named Lucky ( I think she is spayed) is a quiet and sweet well behaved gal. She was a skeleton and has been at the vet on IV and gaining weight. She had a big growth and swelling in her neck which after xrays turned out to be a Blocked Salivary gland. She will be undergoing surgery.

17. GOLDEN lab/shep/Sharpei mixes. Three 10 month old male siblings are intact and very very shy. You can go into their pen and they wag their tails but run when you try to pet them
Two are golden yellow( Sonny and Fargo) and one is black..(Kohl.) They have sharpei ears and appear very curious like they want to come to you but cant muster up the nerve. They are intact.
3 pics are attached.

18. LAST TWO DOGS ...I DO NOT HAVE PICTURES BUT SHE IS A VERY SHY AND SMALL BLACK LABBIE MIX GIRL . You can leash her with no problem but she is super shy. She has a small male 10 month old solid black puppy that looks like a miniature black shepherd with pointy ears. He is terrified and we had to catch him to get him in a crate.
These two will need some TLC but are handsome dogs that will be worth the love and effort needed to save them.

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